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Product Catalogue 
Product Catalogue
For technical details on all of our products, please view the Chapters to the left from our product catalogue.
Chapter A - Industrial thermocouple and resistance thermometer assemblies
Chapter B - Standard miniature thermocouples
Chapter C - Standard miniature resistance thermometers
Chapter D - Other sensors
Chapter E - Thermocouple wires
Chapter F - Thermocouple extension wires and cables
Chapter G - Instrument wires and cables
Chapter H - Bimetallic thermometer
Chapter I - Thermocouple connectors and panels
Chapter J - Switches and calibration furnaces
Chapter K - Portable indicators and auto-temp
Chapter L - Laboratory and industrial temperature reference standards
Chapter M - Temperature calibration services
Chapter N - Mi-cable
The following brochures are also available for download:
•Semi-conductor temperature sensors
•High pressure temperature sensors
•Multi level temperature sensors
•Gasturbine temperature sensors
•Tubeskin temperature sensors
•Stock catalogue

Technical Information 
We have further technical information on the following subjects: 

•T/C colour codes
Download Thermo Express Wire brochure (90Kb)

•T/C tolerances
Please click here to download the pdf-file Thermocouple base materials acc to IEC 584 (12Kb)

•PT100 tolerances
Please click here to download the pdf-file (11Kb).

Download the Temperature Guidebook:

Temperature Guide Book


Product Overview 

Our temperature sensors are available in single or duplex Thermocouples configurations and 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD's. Both with options of having in-head transmitters. Find out more about our temperature sensors

Wire & Cable
Full calibration and EMF testing is performed on all of our wire & cable - Certificates of Conformity can be supplied upon request. Discover more about our wire & cable

We offer a range of instrumentation to complete your temperature sensing requirements. More on our Instruments here

Thermocouple Connectors
Available in polarised lightweight hollow or heavy duty solid pin constructions. Suitable for use in low and ultra high temperatures. International colour code and polarity identification. More on Thermocouple connectors

We offer a range of associated services. For example we can provide full calibration reports from -195°C up to 1200°C. Further information on our range of services


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