Nanyang’s everlasting aim is to provide better, faster, and more reliable services to all our customers, and focus all our resources to meet the most competitive and promising markets’ demands of today. With the advanced technologies constantly introduced and promoted through Nanyang, we have successfully expanded our market scale, and sales channels through out Taiwan. Our growing success is the result of being a pioneer by aggressively meeting the current and future demands from both global and domestic markets, and by being a reliable provider of well integrated business solutions, which reduces cost to customers, yet maintain a high quality product yield.

Nanyang cooperate policy is to develop the best service system and network possible, which optimize and maximize the benefits for customers, markets, and society as a whole. Nanyang firmly believes a cooperation’s core value should lie within its passionate spirit and effort to constantly, and intelligently overcoming the latest and toughest challenges; thus by providing non-traditional, customer oriented, services based on unmatched professionalism and honesty, Nanyang has gained an extremely positive business image among numerous Taiwan semiconductor’s leading customers since its establishment.

Over the years, Nanyang has persisted the practice of its company philosophy “integrity, reliability, innovation, and efficiency”. By emphasizing on these important values, Nanyang has continuously increasing its competitive strength, and bring more cutting-edge services to the markets accompanied by customers’ higher recognitions. Thus, it is for certain that Nanyang can, will fulfill the industry’s higher technological standards, and achieve more win-win strategic relationships among it and the customers, for now and for the years to come.