• Integrity:be the primary partner with all our customers.
  • Reliability:focus in providing highly professional technology and services.
  • Innovation:constantly seek out new technologies to meet market demands.
  • Efficiency:aggressively apply our technological advantages for better services.

To set up a most complete, and integrated supply network, provide competitive products with cutting-edge technologies to successful fulfill all customers’ needs, by being customers’ reliable long term partner and primary service & product provider.

To expedite time-to-market product implementation and real-time support for our customers, to become customers’ best choice for competitive products and partner.
To raise the high-tech industry’s standard through Nanyang high-end professional services, with the primary goal in providing integrated, total solutions to all our clients.

Nanyang is the sole agent for numerous, leading global high-tech brands, including Thermcraft, Thermo Electric, Affinity, Hiltex, BOIN, Jipelec, Qualiflow, ALMA, etc.

  • Heating elements (wafer fabs, LED, solar energy, Diodes).
  • Cooling system equipments(wafer fab, IC packaging, solar energy, LED, pharmaceutical, R&D facilities, Education).
  • Thermocouples(wafer fabs, aerospace, solar energy, petroleum, steel refinery, power generating facilities).
  • Furnaces(wafer fabs, LED, diodes, solar energy, R&D facilities, education).
  • Single Wafer Spin Processor(wafer fabs, R&D facilities, education).